show me brings his $475 iPhone camera accessory to Macworld brings his $475 iPhone camera accessory to Macworld


Critics have charged that it's ugly, expensive and useless, but the musician says he's got a vision and he's sticking to it
It has been called garish, ugly and doomed but the musician thinks fashionistas will persuade Americans to love his $475 iPhone camera accessory.
The Black Eyed Peas star is preparing to launch his foto.sosho iPhone cases, which are worn around the neck, in the US despite scornful response since they debuted in Britain.
The 37-year-old rapper, who doubles up as a technology entrepreneur, said he had anticipated a major new trend – the marriage of technology and fashion – and that critics were out of touch.
"The people who are saying that are the ones who don't influence culture. The influencers say different," he told the Guardian, speaking on the sidelines of the Macworld/iWorld show in San Francisco this week.


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